Opportunities for UAE nationals 

Borouge has always focused on employing and developing Emiratis for over 20 years and it is very proud of its track record, with over 1,000 Emiratis currently employed. We have dedicated Recruitment & On Boarding Teams, Talent Management and UAE Nationals Integration Staff who are looking after the employment and development of Emiratis as well as a well-established and state of the art Technical Training Center (TTC) in Ruwais where the Company puts high priority on recruiting talented Emiratis and developing and promoting them through the organization. All the above departments are led and managed by Emiratis.

We are proud to say that Borouge is the most preferred company among Emiratis within the ADNOC Group of Companies as well as an Employer of Choice in UAE. Our Talent Management, Recruitment and On Boarding Systems are being benchmarked by other ADNOC Group as well as oil and gas companies in the Middle East Region.

With its global presence and partnerships, Emiratis employed in Borouge look forward to international exposures and training abroad giving them more edge than most of the oil & gas companies in the United Arab Emirates.

  • From the beginning of its operation, Borouge always put its best efforts to prioritize the employment of Emiratis and has continuously increased the number of Emiratis in all our locations. Borouge developed its own employees’ development programs and started recruiting fresh Emirati graduates from schools and universities as Developees.

  • Operators, Technicians and Engineers are the core of Borouge’s operations, and considered as critical positions. Experienced Emiratis are not much available for these positions in the market. Borouge utilizes innovative ways to attract young Emiratis which includes career fairs, job fairs, search through social media and reaching schools and other institutions for campaigns.

The strongest attraction for Emiratis joining the company is its comprehensive training as well as international exposures. On average, a UAE National Developee spends around two years in order to be fully competent and confirmed to the role / position he/she is aspiring for.

A significant investment in Ruwais, Borouge 4 expansion is at the heart and part of our downstream strategy. The ambition is to further develop Ruwais as a City and position it as a world-class destination for high-skilled Emiratis and their families to live, work and prosper equipped with modern facilities.
Through a combined program of strategic partnerships and investment, Borouge will increase the range and volume of high-value downstream products, secure better access to growth markets around the world, and create a manufacturing ecosystem in Ruwais and Abu Dhabi that will significantly stimulate In-Country Value creation, and drive the expansion and development of Ruwais City and the Al Dhafra region. The strategy is expected to add more than 15,000 jobs by 2025 and contribute an additional 1% to GDP per year.

With these continuous growth and expansions, our Emiratis will look forward to better career opportunities, getting higher and more challenging roles, and international exposures as we gear towards more advanced technologies, introduction of new products and establishment of new offices globally.