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Lead, Partnership Management

About the Role:
Reporting to the Head, Business Builder, CES, you are responsible to lead Borouge’s 2030 Circularity strategy with a global network of recycling and industry partners and to ensure that Borouge becomes a strong brand in driving circular packaging solutions and concepts.

You will also work in close collaboration with PCES colleagues (Head Commercial, Head Marketing), Packaging (Strategic Marketing, Product owners) Innovation Centre, the Packaging Centre of Excellence to drive creation of quality circular solutions (incorporating monomaterials and recyclate blends) and defend the Borouge virgin portfolio.

Key areas of focus will include (but not limited to)

  • Developing PCES Strategy (in alignment with 2030 Strategy) for global partnerships with Recycling companies and Circularity partners comprising value chain players like Industry associations, regulators, convertors, equipment suppliers and technology providers
  • Lead PCES Strategy execution with a focus on building a recyclate supply base across all markets along with strategies to build Borouge capabilities across Quality Management, recyclate blending and solution development
  • Create partnerships with value chain players to increase co-operation and co-development of solutions to enhance circularity – with and without incorporating recyclates
  • Manage the P&L of each individual distribution partner. Create and Manage processes (online / offline) to enable commercial sales of recyclates – with strong focus on Operational effectiveness, costs and Working capital management
  • Anticipate market trends and identify new strategic development projects for the packaging business.
  • Co-ordinate strategic projects (internal, with external partners) ensuring effective implementation of Circular Economy strategy

This position is based in Singapore.

Key Accountabilities:
Lead PCES recyclate supply strategy development

  • Developing PCES Strategy (in alignment with 2030 Strategy) for global partnerships with Recycling companies and Circularity partners comprising value chain players like Industry associations, regulators, convertors, equipment suppliers and technology providers
  • Analyse trends across the value chain to assess impact on CES Business model and develop and drive corrective measures to mitigate business risks
  • Align strategy with clearly defined milestones and targets and drive collaboration across with Borouge Teams to deliver identified strategies
  • Support overall alignment of PCES Strategy with the Borouge strategy and ensure constant interaction with key Borouge stakeholders (Performance Cells, Business Centres) to adapt strategy to changing market requirements

Build recyclates partnerships

  • Work with Head Commercial (CES) to map Borouge portfolio and external demand to identify recyclate product gaps for sale and or blend/ solutions development opportunities
  • Conduct market mapping research with inhouse / external consultants and identify potential partners in alignment with Borouge strategic criteria and fit
  • Lead the entire partnership process that includes market mapping and shortlisting, conducting business, reputational and general due-diligence, technical assessment of recyclate products and manufacturing process / technology to assess suitability with respect to Borouge portfolio and customer needs
  • Lead the process of defining the appropriate legal format to meet the partnership scope and work with legal and recyclate partners to arrive at a mutually accepatable draft
  • Work with Heaf Commercial to identify the commercials (buying price, processing costs etc.) and product details (grade, specifications, product blends etc.) for consideration of the above partnership agreement
  • Develop the recyclate partnership business case for senior management approvals and drive closure of the legal and commercial aspects to enable final agreement sign offs.
  • Manage the onboarding and day to day relationship management of the recyalete partner as per partnership type including supporting in the procurement of recyclates
  • Manage the P&L of the individual partner. Continually support recyclate partners in improving quality and profitability, lower costs and time to market; identify and implement innovative ideas to enhance operational effectiveness and value
  • Host regular portfolio review with partners on business and operational KPI performance and identify value improvement opportunities
  • Take regular efforts to evaluate recyclate partners to evalue addition and or removal of recyclate partners from the Borouge portfolio

Product development

  • Work with CES Commercial and Performance cells to identify recyclate blend demand trends with Borouge customers and and alignment with Borouge product portfolio
  • Work with recyclate partners to identify value upsell possibilities (recyclate quality improvement, potential blends for targeted applications)
  • Drive product quality and value proposition through technology upgrades and sharing best practices across recycling partners
  • Lead application development projects with recyclates and blends – by supporting collaboration projects with customers and recyclate partners. Manage the entire process – from design, testing to commercialisation and provide cost inputs for pricing / margin management
  • Work with Machine manufacturers / technology providers on technology projects and collaboration to enhance product quality, yield and overall margins through better blends / formulations

Operational and commercial execution

  • Manage recyclate partners for day to day partner co-ordination for recyclate procurement (planning, quality, lead times, shipping, blending and other processes)
  • Work with Borouge Supply chain team to ensure timely supplies of products and blends across the value chain. Advise Supply chain and customer service on all aspects related to product delivery, quality and shipments (including duties, approvals, permits etc.)
  • Conduct Quarterly business reviews with partners to review performance (volume, quality, fill rates, delays, prices and contractual compliance etc.)

Drive Internal and external collaboration

  • Identify opportunities for alliances with development partners across the packaging value chain, academia, research and testing institutes to address needs of strategic projects.
  • Identify capability gaps and future needs for development projects and address them via external partnership.
  • Ensures IPR coordination of joint development projects.
  • Foster collaboration between Strategic Marketing, PCOE and Innovation to ensure strategic innovation priorities for packaging are addressed.

Anticipate market trends and identify new development projects

  • Anticipate trends and scout for new ideas in partnership with PCOE and Strategic Marketing team to assess their potential for Borouge packaging business.
  • Monitor technical & technological development in the Circular packaging market, as well as any new emerging technologies which are likely to impact on Company business and profitability, and advise the senior management on major projects accordingly

Project and Program Management:

  • Timely defines, prioritises and aligns with senior management the right innovation opportunities based on the strategic priorities for marketing.
  • Ensure sufficient support for strategic development projects.
  • Resolve priorities conflicts or resource constraints within the appropriate innovation governance forum.
  • Influences new and existing industry standards in order to protect and safeguard Borouge existing and future product innovation and differentiation.

About You:

  • Understanding of Borouge products, applications and technical parameters
  • Understanding of the recycling process and key technologies involved
  • Understanding of product quality standards (recyclates, blends etc.)
  • Thorough understanding of the packaging value chain including key Circular Economy principles
  • Good knowledge of general plastics processing and converting, packaging design and testing, analytical equipment and techniques
  • Strong understanding of Packaging Business, Process, Applications, and end-to-end consumer needs.
  • Knowledge of industry market trends, technologies and strategies across the value chain in relation to Circular Economy solutions as well as experience with e-retailer, waste coalition, government and NGO
  • Project management experience across various regions with various stakeholders
  • Experience in creating regional strategies and executing said strategies on time and in full
  • Understanding of recyclate supply demand and pricing dynamics in key markets
  • Experience in handling legal and commercial contracts management with distribution partners
  • Experience in working with an industry groups of peers
  • Technical knowledge of recycle, reuse and reduce strategies, with knowledge of the main players in each field and technical limitations of each solution
  • Strong influencing and alignment skills, alongside strong multicultural skills and experience
  • Sounds knowledge in business’ reviews, scenarios, studies, benchmarking and research.
  • Advanced communication and influencing skills with previous wide-range of connections within the polymers, packaging and recycling industry.
  • Working knowledge with product’s financial-related aspects, quality, and performance.
  • Fluency in English, written and oral Academic degree in business and/or marketing
  • Strong relationship and networking skills
Jun 16, 2022